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Bart Smith, MTC FounderOn this page, you can see all the ways you can work with me. Hopefully, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you want to make money promoting my products (as an affiliate), or you’d like me to promote something of yours, or you’d like to advertise on MTC, hire me to help you with your business or speak/train your audience with something that interests your group. Let me know. Take a look through the options you see below and contact my office online. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

You can earn up to 40% in commissions as an affiliate promoting my Rich Coach Broke Coach books, audio programs, various products, memberships, events, and, in some cases, products/services I promote at that are offered by other people and companies.

Pending my schedule, I can even help you promote your affiliate link to your list in a variety of ways, such as: you can interview me, we can conduct a tele-seminar, webinar, etc. For details on becoming an affiliate and signing up, click on the green button below.

Interview Bart Smith

INTERVIEW BART: Do you need content for your website, podcast or blog? You can choose to interview me about my Rich Coach books, coaching forms, and/or any of my other books and websites. The interview can be part “interview” and part “training.” It’s up to you. Contact me to discuss.

GET INTERVIEWED BY BART: Do you have topic, skill, product, service or expertise worth sharing? Does it help people make or save time and/or money with their business? Submit your interview topic to see if it would be a good match for my MTC podcast show.


Bart Smith Speaking & Training

  • Top 10 Objections Coaches Here & How To Overcome Them
  • Types Of Websites To Have As A Coach
  • Video Recording Checklist
  • Website Building Checklist
  • What Should Be In Place Before You Start Marketing As A Coach?
  • WordPress Installation Checklist
  • WordPress Plugin Checklist

Note, I have so many other topics to train on too. Check out my training blog and checklists pages before you contact me for more ideas. When you’re ready, let’s discuss the possibilities.

If you have an audience of clients, members, fans, associates, subscribers, and/or customers and you would like for me to conduct a webinar, tele-seminar or other live training event, please contact me. For example, here are some training titles that might interest your audience. Each topic runs about 45 minutes in length, on average:

  • 10 Ways To Make Money As A Web Designer Building Websites!
  • 21 Marketing Tactics For Coaches
  • 21 Mistakes Coaches Make
  • 21 Steps To Launching Your Website Design Business!
  • 21 Ways To Market Your Business, Book, Service, etc.
  • 21 Ways To Spy On Your Competition & What You Can Learn
  • 60 Ways To Make Money With Your Website Or Blog
  • Audio Recording Tips & Techniques For Coaches
  • Avoid These Very Real “Coaching Profit” Killers!
  • Book Launch Party Checklist
  • Book Marketing Checklist
  • Book Writing & Self-Publishing Tips & Strategies For Coaches
  • Coaching Client Welcome Packets/Letters, Agreements, Worksheets, …
  • Coaching Forms You Need For Your Business
  • Coaching Session Formats, Working With Clients & Firing Them …
  • Create & Name Your Coaching Services, Packages & Programs
  • Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Coaching Client (Your Ideal Client Profile)
  • Free Sessions: What Should Your Coaching Format Be? (20/20/20 Rule)
  • Great Domain Name Ideas For Coaches
  • How To Design Fill-In-The-Blank Worksheets For Your Training Events
  • How To Get & Prepare For Interviews
  • How To Higher And Fire Your Webmaster Properly So You’re Protected
  • How To Hire & Fire Your Website Designer So You’re Protected
  • How To Write And Self-Publish Your Own Book Through
  • Money-Making Ideas For Coaches
  • My Personal Networking Checklist & Goals For When I Go Networking
  • My Personal Recording Tips & Techniques For Recording Audio
  • Photography Checklist
  • Press Room Checklist
  • Product Launch Checklist
  • Product Web Page Checklist
  • Really Great Domain Name Ideas For You To Consider Registering
  • Roadblocks “Rich Coaches” Run Into On Their Way To Becoming “Rich!”
  • Sell More Books With “Virtual Book Tours” From Home/Office
  • Seminar/Class Checklist


Do you have a product, service, or something that helps people save/make money and/or time? Then, I’d like to learn about it. Perhaps, it would be a good fit for my members and website visitors.

Let’s discuss a possible promotion. Perhaps we could do a tele-seminar or webinar on our own time, record it, then distribute it to our lists for promotion.


HOW CAN I HELP YOU? Depending on what you might need help with, take a look at just some of the services I’m currently providing my clients. If you see something that interests you, or even if you don’t and would still like to speak with me, contact me online. We can schedule a telephone call to discuss your situation and how I can help if I can.


Do you wish to advertise on MTC? I get a lot of traffic and have a number of ways to possibly advertise what you have in mind if it’s a good fit for my site, members and traffic. Click on the green button below to learn more about the many advertising spots and opportunities on MTC.


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