Now that we have defined “rich” and the qualities that make up a RICH COACH, what qualities make up a BROKE COACH? Let’s see how they compare and what we can learn from the differences. While some will have their own definitions for RICH COACH, here’s my proposed list of things that will make a coach even richer!

  • Products (created in several formats) help generate extra passive and/or residual income for coaches. One cannot become definably “rich” by coaching solely one-on-one.
  • Seminars/Classes/Workshops designed to coach “groups” of clients in one or more consecutive coaching sessions are money-makers. Coaching clients in “groups” (via seminars/classes/workshops) increases a coach’s income and makes better use of this/her time opposed to working one-on-one with clients by appointment only.
  • Steady flows of (high-paying) clients enable coaches to spend quality time coaching fewer clients for more money!
  • Passive and/or residual income equal to (or greater than) $1,000 per month, in addition to their regular coaching income is essential. This type of “hands-free” income generated on a regular basis and little effort from the sale of products and/or recommended services.
  • Control over your own life/work schedule! Your ultimate goal should be more time for fun, family, friends and whatever makes you happy!

In Rich Coach Broke Coach, you will learn all the skills, tools, coaching techniques, marketing strategies and product-creation tactics you need to learn so you can avoid becoming a BROKE COACH and instead, make your way fast to becoming a very successful RICH COACH!

How long will it take you to become a RICH COACH? Let me put it this way …

How BADLY do you want it?

Well, let’s get started! You’ve got “coaching riches” to go after and I can help you.