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Message From The Author

I’ve been coaching and consulting clients globally on a wide range of topics ranging from Internet marketing to business, book publishing, audio/video recording, publicity and eCommerce for more than two decades. Whether I’m building huge websites for myself or others, giving them advice and guidance on writing books, designing books and book covers, setting up [...]

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Qualities Of A “Broke Coach”

Before we proceed on becoming a RICH COACH, let’s quickly define the term and qualities of a BROKE COACH ... Don’t worry if you find yourself relating to any of the broke coach qualities, because they’re most likely temporary and can be overcome quickly with the right training, coaching resources and insightful guidance found inside [...]

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What Makes A “Rich Coach” … “Rich?”

Now that we have defined “rich” and the qualities that make up a RICH COACH, what qualities make up a BROKE COACH? Let’s see how they compare and what we can learn from the differences. While some will have their own definitions for RICH COACH, here’s my proposed list of things that will make a [...]

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Choose Your Coaching Niche & Get Rich

Clients typically hire a coach because they have a SPECIFIC problem that they need help with and they believe YOU can help them. These types of problems can range from being overweight and unhealthy, to starting or running a business, or even overcoming a fear of scuba diving and everything in between. These “problems” are [...]

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More Money-Making Tips & Ideas For All Coaches

As if Rich Coach Broke Coach hasn’t given you a ton of money-making ideas so far, well, here are a few more that might may not have fit in some of the other previous sections. Look them over, and if any hit home with you, take the necessary action and start generating more income based [...]

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Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resource Links

Every coach must be extremely resourceful to best serve his/her clients and to remain competitive among other highly competitive coaching businesses that also want to make money coaching others. While this list isn’t the end-all list of websites, you should take some time to get acquainted with these. It will certainly give you an idea [...]

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