Whether you’re just starting a new coaching business, or you’ve been coaching for awhile, we can all use insightful tips, tactics, strategies and training that can help us improve how we run our coaching business. Hence why I really like this first chapter as it relates to starting and running a Rich Coach business.

In this first chapter, you’ll learn about:

  • The “Rich Coach” Secret Formula
  • Choose Your Coaching Niche & Get Rich
  • Roadblocks For Becoming a “Rich Coach”
  • Custom Coaching Business Management Software Solutions
  • Plan Your Coaching Business With My Simple “Rich Coach” Business Plan Formula
  • Outsourcing & Getting Help (So You Can Focus On Marketing, Coaching & Making Money)
  • Should You Get Certified As A Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)
  • Should You Get Your Own Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)

You can just imagine the type of foundation you’ll have having gone through these sections. The rest of the book builds itself on this first chapter. So, without any further adieux, let’s kick this chapter off with a roll of $100’s, shall we?

What Is The “Rich Coach” Secret Formula? Is There One?

Is there really a secret formula for becoming a Rich Coach? After reading this book, I think you might conclude that there really is. So, in a nutshell, what would it look like? Perhaps, a little something like this:

    Niche Coaching Client / Market Chosen
+ Additional Training / Coaching Certification*
+ Coaching Business Plan
+ Avoid Roadblocks / Minimize Mistakes
+ Coaching Fees Set / Packages Created
+ Coaching Forms / Agreements Created
+ Coaching Session Structure(s) In Place
+ Other Streams Of “Coaching Income” In Place
+ Marketing Plan For High-End Exposure Ready
+ Increased Credibility At Every Chance
+ CRM / Lead Gathering Systems In Place
+ Lead Qualification Procedures In Place

That’s the simple formula for becoming a Rich Coach. Each one of these components is discussed inside Rich Coach w Broke Coach at great length. All you have to do is make sure your coaching niche is a profitable one, put together your coaching business plan, work on any other aspects of the Rich Coach formula, make the effort and go after your target market with your passion and unique skills for helping others!