Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith Before we proceed on becoming a RICH COACH, let’s quickly define the term and qualities of a BROKE COACH

Don’t worry if you find yourself relating to any of the broke coach qualities, because they’re most likely temporary and can be overcome quickly with the right training, coaching resources and insightful guidance found inside Rich Coach Broke Coach.

Some qualities of a broke coach are …

  • Limited/no valuable resources … makes for a broke coach!
  • Limited/no coaching skills … makes for a broke coach!
  • Limited/no experience within a niche … makes for a broke coach!
  • No programs, packages or fees set … makes for a broke coach!
  • Limited/no marketing within a niche … makes for a broke coach!

Further, broke coaches usually don’t have original content, products to sell, a non-stop flow of referrals, a marketing plan, a website, an affiliate program, networking skills, balance or a life!

Broke coaches will often give away valuable/billable time (to free advice seekers), spinning their wheels working a vicious cycle by coaching one-one-one, and struggle to find leads because they don’t know how to network or market their coaching business, they may make a decent living as a coach but imagine the possibilities if they had products to sell? There are strategies, tactics and tools that a coach can learn to grow their businesses and become a … “Rich Coach!”