Bart Smith, Author of Rich Coach ♦ Broke CoachI’ve been coaching and consulting clients globally on a wide range of topics ranging from Internet marketing to business, book publishing, audio/video recording, publicity and eCommerce for more than two decades.

Whether I’m building huge websites for myself or others, giving them advice and guidance on writing books, designing books and book covers, setting up shopping carts and affiliate programs, creating products, building membership websites, recording studio-quality audio, filming video, providing marketing plans, writing business plans, training speakers, and giving interview advice … the list goes on. With all that, there’s one thing I’ve observed in these 25+ years and that’s how personal and business coaches alike are in such need of this type of help, training, guidance, and coaching in more ways than ever.

Because training, teaching, and writing personal and business self-help books comes so natural to me, I thought it would be great to share what I’ve learned from my experience and research in a training book for coaches that encapsulates many of my skills and talents in the areas of marketing, business plans, consulting, coaching, interacting with clients, sales/selling, creating products, building websites, and all the rest so coaches could accelerate their own business growth and improve
their income earning potential as coaches. Coaches tell me, they love to coach, but when it comes to running the business, making sales and marketing, they just fall flat. Well, it’s time we end that trend. Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach (RCBC) was written with the intent of helping coaches where they need it most: in the areas of business, marketing, client interactions and making money.  RCBC is my blueprint for all that and much, much more.

If you are a coach, or aspire to be one, and you asked me how to start and run a successful coaching business, I would respond with exactly what I have laid out inside this book! What you’ll find inside RCBC is only the most concise, nugget-rich content you’ve probably ever read on coaching and running a profitable coaching business.

RCBC includes marketing and money-making ideas, mistakes coaches make, coaching roadblocks, forms, session formats, enrollment strategies, overcoming objections, setting fees, creating coaching programs, and more. I hope you really enjoy RCBC. Contact me, if you’d like to share your feedback about this book.

To your success,
Bart Smith, Author of Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach
and Founder of