Clients typically hire a coach because they have a SPECIFIC problem that they need help with and they believe YOU can help them. These types of problems can range from being overweight and unhealthy, to starting or running a business, or even overcoming a fear of scuba diving and everything in between. These “problems” are what define the specific corner on the coaching industry. By the end of this chapter, we will provide you with a detailed list of the most common coaching niches.

When you first start your own coaching business, don’t fall into the “trap” of wanting to help everyone. It’s not healthy or realistic as a coach to believe that you can coach all ages, male and female, and every background you can imagine or coach people on everything from weight loss to dating after a divorce, to starting a business or trading in the future’s market, while helping clients learn how to overcome their phobias.

It is much easier to market and enroll new clients into your coaching business when you specialize in a specific area of interest and/or field of expertise. When you know your niche, your coaching results will be more productive and you will generate more satisfied clients, which most often results in more business and that translates to more money and income to you … as a “Rich Coach!”

Think of it this way. If you generalize your coaching skills and you do not specify your expertise, then potential clients will have a difficult time deciding if YOU are THE ONE for them; the one that can help them find a solution to their specific problem.

For example, if you call yourself a Life Coach, what does that mean and what topics (in life) are you an expert in? Business? Relationships? Investments? Corporate? Training? Health? Weight-Loss? Sales? Marketing? Technology? Entertainment? Publicity? eCommerce? You need to be specific.

Only when you drill down to your specific niche (the topic where you truly have some expertise) will you discover that find new clients is a breeze! Imagine if you merely stated that you are a Life Coach. Can you imagine how people would respond to that? They’d be confused. Whereas, by identifying your specialty, people might be inclined to say, “Wow, I know five people who could use your services!”

If you aren’t convinced by what I’m suggesting, then look at the benefits below for reasons to establish your specific niche:

__ Eliminate the discomfort of trying to explain coaching. Speak directly to your target market about their wants, needs and challenges. They are already interested in you because your services are geared to them.

__ Build visibility and credibility faster through referrals. Think about it. When you are successfully helping a client with a specific problem, chances are, the person knows other people with similar problems and will confidently refer your coaching services to others.

__ When you have a niche, it is much easier to make every “marketing minute” count by funneling prospective clients into a series of leveraged marketing efforts. For example, a targeted website that offers a subscription to a biweekly eZine, that also advertises a free product/eReport/eCourse, which in turn gives prospective clients some of your information, will ultimately lead them to paid products and group coaching programs … if they like what they see and want more (of you). All of this is directed to your niche target market and works in concert with your services.

Suppose, you are a health and weight loss coach and you meet a prospective client at a networking event. You might say, “You know, I have an eZine (learn more about eZines later in the book) that I send out twice a month with advice on how to get healthy and stay in shape. Would you be interested in receiving those eMails?” Then, direct the person to a website that advertises this eZine and encourages them to join such as Better yet, if the person responds positively, ask for the eMail address and reassure him/her that you will add the person to your list for future mailings.

The biweekly eZine keeps you in their inbox and the valuable information you provide builds credibility. From the first mailing, you can offer your coaching services as well as eBooks/books, audio programs and tele-seminars, group coaching, one-on one-coaching, and even live seminars. Since you captured the eMail address, the person stays in your database and can continue to buy from you until the person opts to unsubscribe. (Make sure to follow the “money funnel” that is coming up in the book. Now isn’t that more worthwhile than just offering a business card?

  • Command higher fees. People value what you have to offer if you charge them more, and niche coaches costs more than generalized life coaches. You have training, skills and expertise to offer your clients. Set your fees accordingly. Be competitive, but don’t hesitate to ask what you’re worth. You’ve earned it!
  • Develop expertise more quickly. Recognized, you make yourself available to speak publicly, participate on panels and write articles. They speak (advertise) for you.
  • Build a sustained pipeline of prospective clients that are all interested in the same thing.
  • By being specific, you drastically reduce wasted time since you are marketing to a prime audience.
  • Distinguish yourself from thousands of other coaches who rarely target market and will make less than $10,000 per year.

Here is how you can easily find your niche and flip the switch to earn a great living as a “Rich Coach!”


Answer the following questions, in as much detail as possible, to determine what your niche is and then flip the switch to earning your worth as a coach helping others in your fields of expertise!

__ What skills and special knowledge do you possess that you can offer others to help them achieve their goals, either personally or professionally?

__ What group of people do you know you can help who can also afford your fee? Where do they hang out? What magazines do they read? What associations/organizations do they belong to? What products do they buy?

__ What unique experiences have you encountered in the form of coaching others that you can share?

__ What do your current clients, friends, family members, associates, and co-workers perceive that you’re very good at? The answer could be computers, organizations, inspiration, motivation, financial insight, business planning, communication and/or relationship advice. Make a list. Write it down!

The following is an extensive list of nearly 200 coaching niches that you might choose from. Coaches specialize in almost every kind of client and almost every kind of situation, goal, or challenge.

  • Academic Coach
  • Accountability Coach
  • Achievement Coach
  • Actor’s Coach
  • Adoption Coach
  • Animal Lover/Show Coach
  • Anti-Aging Coach
  • Anxiety Coach
  • Asset Management Coach
  • Athletic/Sport Coach
  • Audio Recording Coach
  • Authority-Building Coach
  • Baby Coach
  • Balance Coach
  • Billionaire Coach
  • Body Building Coach
  • Body Image Coach
  • Book/Author/Writing Coach
  • Boys/Girls Mentoring Coach
  • Bucket Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Cancer Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Christian Living Coach
  • Coaches’ Coach
  • College Entrance Coach
  • Communications Coach
  • Computer Coach
  • Comic Coach
  • Confidence/Self-Esteem Coach
  • Conflict Resolution Coach
  • Cooking/Chef/Culinary Coach
  • Corporate Culture Coach
  • Credibility Coach
  • Crisis Management Coach
  • Dating/Singles Coach
  • Debt Coach
  • Destiny Coach
  • Divorce Coach
  • Dream Coach
  • Employee Relations Coach
  • Empowerment Coach
  • End-Of-Life/Near Death Coach
  • Entrepreneurship Coach
  • Entertainment Industry Coach
  • Estate/Will/Trust Coach
  • Etiquette/Manners Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Expert-Building Coach
  • Family Coach
  • Fashion/Style Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Financial Aid Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Food Industry Coach
  • Franchise Coach
  • Friendship Coach
  • Fung Shei Coach
  • Funding Coach
  • Fundraising Coach
  • Getaway Coach
  • Grant Coach
  • Graphic Design Coach
  • Green Living Coach
  • Gun/Rifle Coach
  • Habit-Buster Coach
  • Happy Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Heart’s Desire Coach
  • Hobby Coach
  • Holistic/Alternative Health Coach
  • Home Buying/Selling Coach
  • Home Renovations Coach
  • Home Schooling Coach
  • Home-Security Coach
  • Hospitality/Entertainment Coach
  • Hypnosis Coach
  • Interior Design Coach
  • Interview Coach
  • Investment Coach
  • Lawyer/Attorney Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Legal (Topic) Coach
  • Life Balance Coach
  • Life Change Coach
  • Life Coach (Too general; avoid!)
  • Life Goals Coach
  • Life Strategies Coach
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Loan Coach
  • Marketing Coach
  • Marriage/Couples Coach
  • Media/Press Coach
  • Medical Industry Coach
  • Meditation Coach
  • Mentor Coach
  • Mid-Life Crisis Coach
  • Millionaire Coach
  • Military Career/Transition/Retired Coach
  • Mind/Body/Fitness Coach
  • Money Coach
  • Morale Coach
  • Motivational Coach
  • Music/Instrument Coach
  • NLP Coach
  • Nonprofit Coach
  • Organizational Coach
  • PR/Publicity Coach
  • Parenting Coach
  • Peak Performance Coach
  • Performance Coach
  • Personal Coach (Too general; avoid!)
  • Personal Chef Coach
  • Podcasting Coach
  • Political Coach
  • Postpartum Coach
  • Power Coach
  • Pregnancy/Maternity Coach
  • Product Creation Coach
  • Product Placement Coach
  • Productivity Coach
  • Public Speaker Coach
  • Raw Food Coach
  • Recovery/Addiction Coach
  • Recognition/Acceptance Coach
  • Reading/Writing/Math/Science Coach
  • Real Estate Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Relocation Coach
  • Reputation Coach
  • Results Coach
  • Resume Building Coach
  • Retirement Coach
  • Romance Coach
  • Sales Coach
  • Sales Copy Coach
  • Scholarship Coach
  • Seminar Coach
  • Sex Coach
  • Singles Coach
  • Small Business Coach
  • Socializing Coach
  • Social Media Coach
  • Soul Mate Coach
  • Special Needs Coach
  • Speech Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Sport Fitness Coach
  • Sport Hypnosis Coach
  • Sport Psychology Coach
  • Sport Training Coach
  • Staff Development Coach
  • Start-Up Coach
  • Step-Parent/Child Coach
  • Stop-Drinking Coach
  • Stop-Smoking Coach
  • Stress-Free/Management Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Technology Coach
  • Team Building Coach
  • Teen Coach
  • Tele-Seminar Coach
  • Time-Management Coach
  • Toddler Coach
  • Transition Coach
  • Travel Coach
  • Troubled Youth Coach
  • Tutoring Coach
  • Understand Me Coach
  • Vacation Coach
  • Vegan Coach
  • Vegetarian Coach
  • Video Recording Coach
  • Voice Coach
  • Weapons Coach
  • Webinar Coach
  • Website Coach
  • Wedding Industry Coach
  • Weight Loss/Management Coach
  • Wellness Coach (Individual & Corporate)
  • Youth Impact Coach
If you don’t see your niche listed here, feel free to create one based on your specific skills and areas of expertise. Maybe you have an overwhelming story of survival that others could relate to.


When it comes to coaching niches, here are some helpful ideas when finding or creating your own:

  • Create a fun coaching title for yourself, such as, “Get Out Of Debt” Coach, “Broke No More” Coach, “Crazy” Coach, “Rock Star” Coach, “Stage” Coach, “Raw Foods” Coach, “Get ‘er Done” Coach, etc.
  • What are you passionate about? What are as do you excel in? What do others tell you that you’re great at? Therein lies your niche.
  • Each coach has a set of INDIVIDUAL GIFTS to bring to the table. What are your gifts?
  • No niche, wasted marketing, fewer clients, less income. That’s no way to run a Rich Coach business.
  • Determining your niche and making money as a coach is the same as bringing any service to the marketplace. There must be a buyer for your product. You might believe that your product (i.e., coaching) is the best out there, but the reality is that people aren’t beating a path to your door or web site. So, choose your niche wisely. Put your dreams and desires aside for what you “choose” to coach and do some research on your desired niche. Most people are willing to pay for practical advice from an understanding, competent coach. Investing in your clients can lead to more prospects and potentially more income.
  • The best niches for getting paid are often linked to those clients whose pain, problems, and passions you can identify with.
  • Clients want to believe you’re coaching them in a specialized niche and not everyone across an ocean of niches. Think of yourself like a restaurant. Are you going to serve Italian food AND sushi in the same establishment? I would hope not. Pick one niche and go with it. If you’re worried you’ll lose out on potential business by not serving everyone, think again. Position yourself with a strong market presence, so you can attract the right kind of clients.
  • What expertise is the market craving? That’s where you want to be. Your clients want to see evidence that you can help them in achieving the results they want. What evidence do you have?
  • From a marketing standpoint, good things can happen when you focus rather than expand your services. Specialty and niche fit like a hand in glove. You want to get grounded in reality and understand how to target your audience to generate a steady flow of clients.
  • Look inward, at yourself, because you’re you’re coaching others who have something in common with you.
  • Self-assess your strengths, desires, motivations, skill-set, education, experience and training to ensure you are on the right track.
  • Unlike other professions, where it might be profitable to be a generalist, marketing yourself as a coach can be more successful when you specialize. Believe it or not, specializing is your ticket to finding clients in an information overload society. By specializing, potential clients can find you quickly. As a specialist you hold the (potential) answer(s) to their problems.
  • Where can you find 100 or more ideal clients? When you decide who you are going to help and what you will help them with, you will be seen as an expert far more quickly.
  • If you don’t see your niche above, then develop a new niche. Get creative.
  • When you pick your niche, create one short sentence that describes your niche such as the following: “I’m a START-UP ‘FUND-ME’ COACH that helps business owners find cash to fund their new business.”
  • Bounce your new niche, phrase or title, off of friends and colleagues. What do they think? Do they light up, and say, “Wow, that sounds great. I’d hire you.” or “Boring! Try again.”
  • Do you have competition in your niche? If yes, it’s usually a sign that it’s a good watering hole. Have you ever been fishing where others are dropping their lines? Of course, you want to go where the fish are. Ever walk to a place where a crowd gathers? If yes, it’s because that’s where the action is. If there’s no competition, in some ways, it should send a signal to you. Maybe other coaches have moved on because there aren’t enough prospects to fund a full-time career, let alone part-time. Competition creates prospects because when more people are being coached, they tell their friends (network for you). When those coaches get overwhelmed and booked, guess who’s next in line to get a phone call? You! “I heard about ___ coaching, looked it up online, and your website popped up. I thought I would call you to discuss _____. Is this a good time?”
  • What drives you? What keeps you awake at night? What do you love so much that you just want to tell everyone about it?
  • Find a niche that has not been fully served and be the best in that area of expertise.
  • It’s vital to “niche down.” Get more specific. For example, you’re a website coach for chiropractors or a voice coach for teenage girls, etc.
  • You can “niche down” your coaching niche by: age range, men-only, women-only, men and women, boys-only, girls-only, boys and girls, minorities, seniors, baby boomers, teens, women, single, married, divorced, business owners, start-ups, retired, parents, specific profession, niches within that profession, etc.
  • Competition is easily minimized by choosing the right niche. What’s more, there is no competition when YOU’RE the RIGHT FIT for the RIGHT CLIENT. Remember that!
  • Most coaches advertise as a generalist with little to NO idea who they’re targeting. That’s a BIG mistake! Solve a specific problem for a specific audience and you’ll have MUCH less competition.
  • If your niche doesn’t work out, let’s say in a year or more, you can change it. Time provides all answers.
  • You may find yourself doing a disservice to future clients and yourself by not narrowing your scope; specializing.
  • Perhaps by now, you had one particular niche in mind, but now you have a few and they are all areas that many people are looking for assistance in their lives. Start with one, and perfect that niche before you expand and then consider others.


  • Business Coaching: Sales, team-building, leadership, management, corporate, executive, etc.
  • Career/Job Coaching: Career, freelance, cover letter/resume writing, interview skills, etc.
  • Creativity Coaching: Music, writing, drawing, dancing, etc.
  • Family Coaching: children, teenagers, step-, in-law-, babies, parents, etc.
  • Financial Coaching: Debt, credit, retirement, budgeting, investing, mortgage, taxes, wealth building, etc.
  • Fitness Coaching: Aerobics, cardio, martial arts, strength building, muscle building, pilates, yoga, weight lifting, etc.
  • Health & Wellness Coaching: Nutrition, stop smoking, vitamins and supplements, weight management, etc.
  • Life Coaching: Change, goal-setting, overcoming fear and obstacles, happiness, getting organized, stress management, time management, etc.
  • Relationship Coaching: Dating, divorce, grief, marriage, single, starting over, relationship, sex, etc.
  • Small Business Coaching: Affiliate marketing, eBay, finding clients, home office, legal, marketing, MLM, start your own, etc.
  • Spiritual Coaching: Christian, meditation, chakra, etc.
  • Sports Coaching: Team sports, individual performance, coaching coaches, etc.
  • Technology Coaching: Internet, websites, eCommerce, online marketing, computer training, etc.

Now, while these are some of the more common coaching niches, know that there are many more. Again, you can even create your own niche! Why not? It’s easy! Focus on a problem that people have and how you can help them, and you’ve personalized your niche!