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Bart Smith, MTC FounderWelcome to the MEMBER’S AREA of RICH COACH BROKE COACH. Here, I’ve provided you with quick links to access member protected content within this site. In the sidebar, on the right, you can see how you can edit your profile, find help/support, and join/login to my affiliate program.


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Whether you purchased access to the book online and/or the audio, you can access my two books on coaching, Rich Coach Broke Coach and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make, in the following formats of by clicking on the appropriate link below. You will be prompted to login or pay to access that which is provided below.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Again, thank you for your purchase and I look forward to hearing how RICH COACH BROKE COACH helps you with your coaching business?

Download My "Rich Coach" Coaching Forms

My “Rich Coach” Coaching Forms …

If you purchased my coaching forms bundle, you can download my forms below. Just click on the following link:

Rich Coach Coaching Forms (DOWNLOAD AREA)

All of my coaching client forms, worksheets and agreements can be downloaded individually from this section of the member’s area. Each form is prepared for you in a Microsoft Word document, plus one Excel spreadsheet file. You can peruse the list of coaching forms on this page. It’s very complete and the perfect set of forms to launch any coaching business successfully. Each of the forms you see are also for sale separately.