Rich Coach Broke Coach (Business Manual For Coaches)

Rich Coach Broke Coach (Business Manual For Coaches)

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Even though Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach contains FIVE rich chapters related to running a successful coaching business, Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach™ isn’t written like a regular book where you have to start at the beginning and read to the end to understand some kind of plot or learn something meaningful in a chronological order where coaching is concerned. Who has time to write such a book let alone read one like that, and I’ve read plenty?

In today’s competitive coaching market and pressure for time to compete in that environment, I wrote a book to give you a wealth of information that you need to know and in bite-size, digestible nuggets for quick reference and easy consumption.

While Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach™ goes beyond what all other coaching books have to offer. It is written so you can cherry pick and select sections of the book that pertain to your personal wants and needs as a potential Rich Coach. Start where you think you might need the most help. Then, move on to other areas of the book that pique your interest.


Todd Woods, Consultant (RCBC Testimonial)I have been a successful franchise business owner and coach to franchise owners for over 20 years. I would like to say that Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach has been one of the most impressive books I have ever read on coaching. Not only as a book, but as a companion study guide with worksheets and nearly unlimited resources to everything one needs to be a successful coach. The layout is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. The way each chapter teaches, gives resources, then gives the worksheets to be completed as ‘homework’ so to speak … leaves me utterly amazed. It’s one thing to READ a book about coaching, but, WOW, much better the way Bart helps a person take action and builds on their existing coaching practice or helps people as they start (a coaching business) from scratch. Thanks, Bart! Just AMAZING!” — Todd Woods, Woods Consulting Group, SLC, Utah


A “RICH COACH” Introduction

Welcome To Coaching!

  What Is Coaching?
  Why do people hire coaches?
  What are the basics for coaching?
  What does it take to be a coach?
  How do you start your own coaching business?
  What kind of income can a coach expect to earn?

Let’s Define “Rich Coach” & “Broke Coach”

  First, Let’s Define The Word …“Rich!”
  Qualities of a “Rich Coach”
  Qualities of a “Broke Coach”
  What makes a “Rich Coach” … “Rich?”
  Why Do Most Coaches Go … “Broke?”

Starting & Running a “Rich Coach” Business

  The “Rich Coach” Secret Formula
  Choose Your Coaching Niche & Get Rich
  Roadblocks For Becoming a “Rich Coach”
  Custom Coaching Business Management Software Solutions
  Plan Your Coaching Business With My Simple “Rich Coach” Business Plan Formula
  Should You Get Certified As A Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)
  Should You Get Your Own Coach? (Yes/No/Maybe?)
  Outsourcing & Getting Help (So You Can Focus On Marketing, Coaching & Making Money)

Fees, Income & Making Money As A “Rich Coach”

  Know Where Your Money Comes From … Study The Rich Coach “Money Pie”
  Study, Master & Implement The Rich Coach “Money Funnel”
  Rich By Following The Rich Coach “Coaching System”
  Create & Name Your Coaching Services, Packages & Programs
  Coaching Package Naming & Creation “Wisdom”
  Determine Your Rich Coach Coaching Rates & Fees
  Rich Coach Coaching Package “Pricing Wisdom”
  Getting Paid From Your Coaching Clients & Customers Who Buy Products
  Coaching Payments Through Your Website & Shopping Cart Systems
  Custom Coaching Software Invoicing & Collecting Payments Online
  Help More People & Make More $$$ With “Group Coaching”
  Create A Real Plan For Making Passive & Residual Income
  Great Product Ideas For Both Broke & Rich Coaches
  More Money-Making Tips & Ideas For All Coaches
  Avoid These VERY REAL “Coaching Profit” Killers!

Finding & Working With Clients

  The Secret Formula For Finding Your Ideal Client
  Client Welcome Packets/Letters, Coaching Agreements, Worksheets, Logs & Templates
  What Other Coaching Forms, Worksheets, Questionnaires Would Be Helpful?
  Client Welcome Packets & Why Should You Send One To Clients
  Create A Thorough & Very Useful Client Questionnaire/Self-Assessment Form
  Coaching Session Formats, Working With Clients & Firing Them When Necessary
  Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Coaching Client (Create Your Ideal Client Profile)
  Why Can’t You Help Everyone? (Your Package(s): This Is What You’re Selling!)
  Where Are Your Target Market Clients Congregating?
  How Do You Find Your Ideal Client?
  Marketing Doesn’t Help You Find Clients … Archaeology Does!
  What To Say When Someone Asks You, “What Do You Do?”
  How To Sell “Client Transformation” / “Bridging The Gap” More Than Anything Else!
  Enrolling Clients: Closing A New Client Is About Enrolling Them, Not Selling Them
  How Do You Get Your Ideal Client To Hire You For Coaching?
  Free Sessions: What Should Your Coaching Format Be? (20/20/20 Rule)
  Overcoming Objections, Answering Questions, Follow-Up & Closing New Clients
  The “Top 10” Objections: What They Mean & Suggested Replies
  More Tips On Handling Objections & Excuses
  Follow-Up, Checking In & Clients On The Fence & Closing Tips For Coaches

Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resources

Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart Smith


“I was almost at the point in my life where I thought I was going to have to go get (the J-word) … yes, a J.O.B. Bart and I talked, and he gave me a chock-full of ideas to carry out, ALL based on his book Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach. I can remember the phone call. Specifically, I was told to focus my reading on creating packages and naming them, as outlined in CHAPTER 2. Then, come up with my ideal client, based on his formula, and go after ’em! It is incredible how he thinks like he does. We both agreed and now I’m off to creating a whole coaching program based on my skills and talents in social media (and more). To date, I can seriously say that Bart’s coaching advice (and book) is paying off. This book is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to get out of the corporate world (or take their current coaching career or aspirations for coaching), and reach for the stars with their passion and intellect. Thanks, for being such an inspiration, Bart. I knew I was always an entrepreneur at heart, and RCBC is helping me to shine in ways I never knew I could. I’ll be finished with packaging my offerings soon, and selling them like hotcakes on Sunday. Sweta Patel, Social Media Strategist, Trainer & CoachLearning from Bart is also so much fun and inspirational! RCBC gives you everything you need to get started with your (coaching) business and I mean EVERYTHING! Rich Coach Broke Coach is the ultimate coaching book to help you reach for the coaching stars.”

— Sweta Patel, Social Media
Strategist, Trainer & Coach
San Francisco, California

  Accounting Resources
  Affiliate Content
  Affiliate Tracking Software
  Animated Video Production
  Audio Loops & Royalty-Free Music
  Audio Sales
  Audio mixing
  Blog / Third-Party Account Publishing
  Blog / Your Own Website
  Book Publishing & Printing
  Cloud Phone System
  Cloud Storage
  Coaching Business Software Systems
  Coaching Directories
  Coaching Resources
  Coaching Websites
  Customer Relationship Mgmt. (CRM)
  Domain Name Registration
  eBook Publishing
  eMail / Autoresponders / eZine

  Graphic/Photo Editing
  Green Screen Software
  Icons Galore
  Images & Stock Photograph
  iPhones, Apps & More
  Landing Page Software
  Membership Software
  Mobile Payments
  NLP Resources
  Online Payments
  Online Surveys
  Password Manager
  Podcasting Services
  Printing (Business Cards, Postcards, etc.)
  Project Management
  Remote Desktop Support Software

  Scheduling Software
  Screencast Softwareq
  Shopping Cart Platform
  Social Media Management
  Support Application
  Tele-Seminar Services
  Telephone Services
  Video Calls
  Video Editing
  Video Players
  Web Hosting
  Webinar Software
  Website / Webmaster Tools
  Website Builders

Marketing Tactics For ALL Coaches

  The “Marketing & Selling” Mindset Of … Rich Coaches
  What Should Be In Place Before You Start Marketing?
  Top 10 Marketing Tactics For Coaches
  Website Design, Hosting & Domain Registration
  Advertising Tactics
  Affiliate Marketing Tactics
  Audio Marketing Tactics
  Blog Marketing Tactics
  Book Marketing Tactics
  Branding Tactics
  Business Card Marketing Tactics
  Celebrity Marketing Tactics
  Coaching Directory Marketing Tactics
  eBook Marketing Tactics

  eMail Marketing Tactics
  Flyer Marketing Tactics
  Interview Marketing Tactics
  Networking Tactics
  Podcasting Tactics
  Publicity, Press Kits, Press Rooms & Press Release Tactics
  Referral Marketing Tactics
  Social Media Marketing Tactics
  Speaking & Training Tactics
  Tele-Seminar Marketing Tactics
  Testimonial Marketing Tactics
  Video Marketing Tactics
  Webinar Marketing Tactics
  51 Website Marketing Tactics

Rich Coach Goals & Start-Up Checklist

  15 Rich Coach Goals I Have For You …
  Here Are Your “Rich Coach” Goals (15-Point Checklist Format)

Who Is This Book For?

Rich Coach w Broke Coach™ is perfect for anyone aspiring to become a coach, for current/seasoned coaches, as well teachers, trainers, authors, speakers, consultants, therapists, healers, counselors, psychologists, creatives, artists, and anyone else who wants to turn their passion and profession into a money-making coaching enterprise helping others succeed in life and/or in their business.

How Can This Book Help You?

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach was written with the specific intent to cover topics not covered in the vast majority of books written about coaching or starting your own coaching business.

Most coaching books on the market today never go beyond “find your niche,” “know your purpose,” “be present,” “find your ideal client”, and my favorite, “get a website.” Really? That’s all they have to say? They write in terms of “do this”, but not “how to” do what they recommend. No wonder most coaches are broke.

Where can they turn to for the “how-to” instruction they’re not getting? When they need real business, marketing and money-making advice, all they get are generalities and the same ol’ talk all the other books on coaching have to offer.

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach provides you with invaluable and useful information as it relates to getting started as a coach, roadblocks for becoming a coach, what you need to launch a successful coaching business, what goals should you set for yourself as a coach, essential tips on running the business, getting certified (yes/no/maybe?), how to write a successful business plan to ensure your coaching business is successful, setting fees, creating and naming coaching packages, charging clients and collecting payments, finding clients and closing them, working with clients, recommended coaching tools and online resources, how to make even more money as a coach, shrewd marketing tactics for coaches, and so much more!

Anyone applying the suggestions, ideas, tactics and techniques found inside Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach is absolutely in store for a major improvement in running a more efficient and profitable coaching business.

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach is packed with all the above, and so much more! Holding this book in your hands, and acting on what you’re about to read is your hedge against going broke as a coach.

Another “RICH COACH” book I wrote …

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make

Inside this coaching book, I highlight over 150+ mistakes coaches make. Each page is packed with mistakes you should watch out for. Here are the mistakes I go over in this one-of-a-kind book!

  32 Business Mistakes
  24 Coaching/Client Mistakes
  6 Communication Mistakes
  5 Education/Training Mistakes
  23 Marketing Mistakes
  12 Mindset Mistakes
  31 Money-Making Mistakes
  3 Personal Mistakes
  19 Website Related Mistakes

Can you imagine how much more successful you will be as a coach when you know what mistakes to avoid? Namely, 150+ of them? Exactly! GET THIS BOOK!



Every coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business coach) needs their own set of customized coaching/client agreement/assessment forms to help run a successful coaching business. Because many coaches, and those who aspire to be coaches, don’t have such forms or know how to create them, I have taken the time to create (and share) the same ones I use with you.

1. Welcome Letter
2. Coaching Client Agreement
3. Client Intake Form
4. Client Self-Assessment Form
5. Free Coaching Gift Certificates
6. Free Coaching Session Agreement
7. Coaching Session Preparation Form
8. Coaching Session Summary Forms
9. Client Call Record (For The Coach)
10. The Wheel Of Life Form
11. Goals & Action Questions
12. Coaching Period Summary Forms
13. Client Feedback/Testimonial Form
14. Coaching / Speaking Hour Log (Excel)

As you can see, the list of coaching forms above is a very complete set of forms to launch any coaching business successfully. While each form is sold separately, you can download every form in a single bundled product after your purchase below.

My Coaching Forms, Contracts & Agreements

Meet Bart Smith, Author of Rich Coach Broke Coach

Rich Coach Broke Coach by Bart SmithI’ve been coaching and consulting clients globally on a wide range of topics ranging from Internet marketing to business, book publishing, audio/video recording, personal coaching, and other topics, for over two decades.

Whether I’m building huge websites for myself or others, giving them advice and guidance on writing books, designing books and book covers, setting up shopping carts and affiliate programs, creating products, building membership websites, recording studio-quality audio, filming video, providing marketing plans, writing business plans, training speakers, and giving interview advice … the list goes on. With all that, there’s one thing I’ve observed in these 25+ years and that’s how personal and business coaches alike are in such need of this type of help, training, guidance, and coaching in more ways than ever.

Because training, teaching, and writing personal and business self-help books comes so natural to me, I thought it would be great to share what I’ve learned from my experience and research in a training book for coaches that encapsulates many of my skills and talents in the areas of marketing, business plans, consulting, coaching, interacting with clients, sales/selling, creating products, building websites, and all the rest so coaches could accelerate their own business growth and improve their income earning potential as coaches. Coaches tell me, they love to coach, but when it comes to running the business, making sales and marketing, they just fall flat. Well, it’s time we end that trend.

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach (RC♦BC) was written with the intent of helping coaches where they need it most: in the areas of business, marketing, client interactions and making money. RCBC is my blueprint for all that and much, much more.

If you are a coach, or aspire to be one, and you asked me how to start and run a successful coaching business, I would respond with exactly what I have laid out inside this book! What you’ll find inside RCBC is only the most concise, nugget-rich content you’ve probably ever read on coaching and running a profitable coaching business.

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make by Bart SmithRC♦BC includes marketing and money-making ideas, mistakes coaches make, coaching roadblocks, forms, session formats, enrollment strategies, overcoming objections, setting fees, creating coaching programs, and more. I hope you really enjoy RC♦BC. Contact me, if you’d like to share your feedback about this book.

To your success,

Bart Smith, Author
Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach
150+ Mistakes Coaches Make, Founder

Bart Smith, Author of B.S. The Book




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